What's Crown Talk Collective About?

Trials, Tribulations, Truths, and Triumphs

We are a community of support and sisterhood; a literal and figurative Collective that aims to divulge, process, and problem solve any and all issues we face as creative professionals, entrepreneurs, or women navigating any industry. Sharing knowledge and insights is key to helping your sister level up in her journey.

Whether it be funny or ugly — no topic is off limits.

We need each other to lean on, to confide in, to share mistakes and wisdoms, and to help empower and elevate one another to get to each next level in our journeys. The hustle and grind is already hard enough…why are we not talking about?! Why are we not sharing more #crowntalk?! The gems we learn can EASILY help someone else level up. Pass that knowledge — don’t be stingy!

Not exactly. While it is primarily for and from the perspective of being a woman of color, Crown Talk Collective is not exclusive to women of color. It’s truly for anyone that wants to see women of color to excel and succeed. We’re totally inclusive if you’re a cis white male, trans man, gay black male, etc. You are 100% welcome so as long as you want to be involved in a progressive conversation that helps elevate women and women of color.


However! — We do not support hate, negativity, condescension, or anything of that nature. If that’s what you’re about, CTC is not for you. Keep it moving.

We host networking and panel discussion events periodically that you can attend. Tickets and registration can be purchased on Eventbrite. To stay in the loop, sign up for our newsletters below:

All early bird prices for networking and panel discussions are currently $15 and $20 at the door on the day of the event.