Asia began sewing when she was 12 but didn’t start designing and cultivating a brand until she was about 20. Asia was in college studying a major that her heart was not set on and transferred to the Illinois Institute of Art. It was there that Asia made the decision that she wanted to start her own brand so she did. After about 6 months she gave up. Being young and stupid, Asia thought that success was going to happen over night. The work was too hard and things weren’t happening fast enough so after graduation she got a full time job in the fashion industry and settled. During that time life changed for her. Asia got married, had a baby and thought that she had fulfilled what she was set out to do in life.

However, a coworker came across some of her old designs and asked Asia, “Why are you not doing this anymore?” She couldn’t come up with an answer. Asia had to be honest with herself and realize that she had given up on a dream that her heart was set on all because she felt like it was too hard. She prayed about it, had a long talk with God and realized that this is her purpose. Designing, creating and encouraging young people is where she is most happy. Asia’s heart is at peace and she feels as though she is fulfilling the purpose that God set out for her, hence her brand name: Eden Brand Official. The garden of Eden is that place of serenity and peace. Asia set out to encourage anyone to find what that place of serenity is for them and fulfill their purpose, too.

No matter how hard it may seem or how much work you have to put in know that the reward is greater than the struggle.

How to get in touch with Asia:
IG: @EdenBrandOfficial
Fb: Eden Brand Official