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CTC is rooted in bringing people together to bridge information gaps. Sharing with a fellow colleague or friend is helpful but receiving personalized insights and guidance from Spirit regarding our journeys has proven to be supremely impactful.

Questions for Anna

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do your readings?

The Private Readings are done via Video Call and my Quick Reads are done by myself.

I ask for your permission to read for you as this is personal whether I’m in your space or now. I do use my Quartz Crystals to communicate with Spirit (my Guides and/or yours, if present) as they help me make sure the reading is legitimate and accurate for you. They connect me to the “answers” we seek, so, I make sure they give the stamp of approval before I share with you.


Are you a psychic?

I am a Psychic Medium who uses Tarot and Crystals (forms of Divination) to receive and deliver messages and visions.

I have long since known I had some type of abilities as a child given I would see things, “just know” things, have visions, and was hypersensitive. Generally, I was just very aware and intuitive. When I decided to work on strengthening my intuition was when I realized there was much more to me than I initially thought.

How long do they take?

Readings range between 10 minutes to 1 hour depending upon your selected session.

How long have you been doing tarot?

Officially since June 2018. Only now have I decided to venture beyond reads for family and friends as I feel more comfortable and confident in my learnings and my skills.

How can I trust or believe you?

As far as my credibility goes, I do have testimonials to vouch for my services. I have no stakes in seeing anyone fail or crumble, so, bringing people a sense of assurance, confidence, and peace is really what motivates me.

I genuinely want to continue to help provide insights and guidance from Spirit and your loved ones. So, in regards to why I charge for these services: I have to be able to sustain doing this by having my time compensated for. This type of work takes energy, practice, skill, research, time, and so on.

Are you practicing witchcraft?

No, but if you are thinking negatively of what is being presented here, you likely shouldn’t be reaching out to me. I only want to work with those who are open to receiving.

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I had a reading with Anna and she was amazing! What I liked most about my experience with her is that she really HONORS Spirit and doesn’t just jump into her readings full of ego. She let me know that before the reading she invited her ancestors and spirit guides to assist, and even invited any of mine that wanted to be there. I thought that was super cool and I don’t know of any one else who does that. I trust Anna 100%, but that made me feel even more comfortable with the reading.

The reading itself was great! She gave me an opportunity beforehand to have specific questions answered. It was so funny because I gave her the initials of someone I was asking about (a male), but in the reading, something came up about a female in my life with the same initials (that I hadn’t even thought about), and what she said was spot on and actually more timely than the question and person I was asking about. Everything she said was consistent and she sent me pictures and detailed notes of the spread and let me ask questions.

Anna is highly intuitive, down to earth, direct, and is really reverent of the spiritual world. You can tell she takes this work seriously and wants to communicate messages correctly. I’d definitely work with her again!

Bree J.