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CTC is rooted in bringing people together to bridge information gaps. Sharing with a fellow colleague or friend is helpful but receiving personalized insights and guidance from Spirit regarding our journeys has proven to be supremely impactful.

Questions for Anna

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do your readings?

The Guidance & Deluxe Readings are discussed via phone or video call and my Quick Reads are sent via text message only.

I ask for your permission to read for you as this is personal whether I’m in your space or now. I do use my crystals to communicate with Spirit (my Guides and/or yours, if present) as they help me make sure the reading is legitimate and accurate for you. They connect me to the “answers” and guidance we seek, so, I make sure they give the stamp of approval before I share with you.


How long have you been doing tarot?

I have had tarot cards in my life since 2005 but I’ve officially been reading for others since June 2018. Only now have I decided to venture beyond reads for family and friends as I feel more comfortable and confident in my education and my skills.

How can I trust or believe you?

As far as my credibility goes, I do have testimonials below to vouch for my services. I have ZERO stakes in seeing anyone fail or crumble. Bringing people a sense of assurance, confidence, and peace is really what motivates me.

How long do readings take?

Readings range between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending upon your selected session. I do my readings in advance so we can spend more time discussing what’s going on as opposed to focusing solely on the cards in your spread.

Are you practicing witchcraft?

No, but if you are thinking negatively of what is being presented here, you likely shouldn’t be reaching out to me. I only want to work with those who are spiritually open to receiving.

Why do you charge?

I often read for loved ones at no cost or if I feel someone needs a reading, I would never charge or solicit myself in that way. I genuinely want to continue to help provide insights and guidance from Spirit and your loved ones. However, this practice is not my full-time job so when people book with me, I want to be able to sustain doing this by having my time compensated for. This type of work takes energy, practice, skill, research, time, and so on. Not everyone is like this nor will everyone respect this, and that’s just fine with me. 

Are you a psychic?

I am a Psychic Medium who uses Tarot and Crystals (forms of Divination) to receive and deliver messages and visions.

I have long since known I had some type of abilities as a child given I would see things, “just know” things, have visions, and was hypersensitive. Generally, I was just very aware and intuitive. When I decided to work on strengthening my intuition was when I realized there was much more to me than I initially thought.



I had my first reading with Anna during a very tumultuous time in my life. While I’ve always considered myself a personally spiritual person I always doubted bringing in or consulting anyone about my spirituality because I assumed a spiritual guide would always just tell you what you wanted to hear. Anna alleviated this concern by not allowing me misinterpret my reading to be what I wanted to hear but actually making sure that I understood the message that was in front of me. I would say that the reading gave me a refreshing outlook on life and a patience I previously didn’t have.

Professionally, I feel refocused on the bigger picture and in my personal relationships I feel more understanding to others needs as well as my own. Letting people into your personal business can be a strange feeling and that’s all the more reason I recommend Anna. I could tell that she took on my issues and dilemmas as her own and consulting with her felt more like having a much needed conversation with a good friend than it did talking to paid professional who may not be personally invested. I look forward to having future readings with Anna and have already recommended her to several personal friends.


I’ve always wanted a tarot reading but I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my money’s worth because not trying to be funny but Ms. Cleo ruined it for me. Let me just say Anna is not no Ms. Cleo. She was very professional and also real. I had a lot of negative thoughts about people and my career and her reading put things in perspective. Now I’m working on things that I didn’t realize what was holding me back and for that Anna I thank you❤

Ovaldo M.

This reading I just received from Anna, had to be one of the most accurate things I’ve ever heard or seen that was relevant to my present life. Each description given was thorough and proved themselves to be true. I urge those who thought this was a game, to actually give this a real go. Anna will definitely surprise you with some knowledge. Open your mind.

Xavier W.

Since the day I’ve met Anna we have sparked a genuine connection. Her energy is very intuitive and she has helped me tap deeper into my spirituality. She has done several readings for me and each reading has been extremely on point and also very positive. Everything she has told me has been reassurance for what I’ve already known deep down inside. Her readings have encouraged me to tap into my intuitiveness and to follow my gut instincts. They also have let me know that I’m on the right path and to continue to embrace my skills to dig deeper into more opportunities.

CeCe Marie

For one, I had never gotten a tarot reading. And too, I had no practical understanding for how it all worked. So before booking the reading, I had questions I wanted answered and Anna was great about it. There’s a certain level of vulnerability & accessibility one must submit to when getting a reading and Anna’s energy, confidence and knowledge put me at ease almost immediately. After the reading, she provided a detailed breakdown to ensure clarity. I walked away from it with a better understanding of where I was headed and which route suited me best; I had no unanswered questions. The reading affirmed many feelings I had at the time and was a catalyst for the path I’ve walked since. If you are seeking answers to questions that are seemingly unanswerable or an alternative perspective on things, Anna is your best bet.

Keiph O.

Anna’s reading gave me comfort and clarity. From family to career to my personal life, she was spot on with many things that I’ve already known but kept within. My experience with Anna has inspired me to trust my journey, even more. I will definitely return to Anna for my future readings!

Thaschara V.

Anna has been the only person I trust to give me readings for the last year now. She makes me very comfortable in asking her questions when I am confused or more concerned about one of the cards that she reveals when we do our sessions.

She has made me feel more close to my guardians and has given me a lot of clarity with people that have passed. Having that kind of genuine energy and power was very special so I thank her s lot for that. She has shown me things that I have yet to learn about myself and I look forward to when times like that come to fruition.

Juan GQ

I had my first reading with Anna and it felt like fate. She was warm and open about the process. She not only opened me up to tarot because her reading was so on point but I hope anyone looking for answers turns to her for guidance.

Lisbeth V.

When I first heard about readings I was a bit skeptical, but when I sat down with Anna I really connected with her and the energy was on point. I feel like every answer I was given was spot on mentally, physically, and emotionally! She even has something she is holding onto for me, to give to someone once that moment manifests ?.

Samantha H.

I had a reading with Anna and she was amazing! What I liked most about my experience with her is that she really HONORS Spirit and doesn’t just jump into her readings full of ego. She let me know that before the reading she invited her ancestors and spirit guides to assist, and even invited any of mine that wanted to be there. I thought that was super cool and I don’t know of any one else who does that. I trust Anna 100%, but that made me feel even more comfortable with the reading.

The reading itself was great! She gave me an opportunity beforehand to have specific questions answered. It was so funny because I gave her the initials of someone I was asking about (a male), but in the reading, something came up about a female in my life with the same initials (that I hadn’t even thought about), and what she said was spot on and actually more timely than the question and person I was asking about. Everything she said was consistent and she sent me pictures and detailed notes of the spread and let me ask questions.

Anna is highly intuitive, down to earth, direct, and is really reverent of the spiritual world. You can tell she takes this work seriously and wants to communicate messages correctly. I’d definitely work with her again!

Bree J.

Authenticity is important to me.

That’s all you’re ever going to get with Anna, & I felt it through her reading.

My reading was unforgettable. It truly changed my life. I am new to the tarot world and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Everything that she touched on resonated intensely with me. She pointed out some very specific things to work on within myself, that no one else would have known. Every word that she said felt like I needed to hear it at that specific time.

What really brought it home for me was when she mentioned that a family member, who passed, had a message for me. She got his name right, and the message was exactly what I needed to hear.

I have no more doubts in the world of spirituality, tarot, bigger energies, etc. I view my life and the world from a completely different perspective now and I have Anna to thank for that. ?

Sable D.

Anna did my first ever tarot card reading. I can’t lie, I was a little skeptical at first about the whole thing which is why I never had a desire to get a reading done before. With Anna, however, I felt comfortable right away & her energy made me feel confident that if anyone was going to do a reading for me, it had to be her! She was patient & clear in explaining the preparation process & very transparent about the entire experience.

The reading was done virtually so I was able to get a recording of her reading the cards and explaining them which I can now go back and reference whenever I need more reassurance. I think my favorite part of the whole thing was how her personality shown through during the video explanation. She explained the cards in a way that is relatable to me & still kept it real & true to herself the entire time (if you have ever had a conversation with her, you would know what I mean ?). The reading itself brought clarity & reassurance to my life during a time in which I was going through many transitions & trials. It truly did motivate me take more time for myself & to re-evaluate my circle & make changes that I was trying to avoid before the reading.

Anna is truly a gem to work with & her energy is contagious. THANK YOU, Anna for making my first tarot card reading such an amazing experience!

Breanna J.

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